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Multi-channel audio logging system


- Radio or TV on-air audio recording
- Recording of the selected radio or TV programs
- Recording original and translated contents of meetings or conferences
(e.g. for stenographic purposes)

Main features

- Support of mono and stereo signals
- 8 and 16 bit resolution
- 8, 11, 22, 44 kHz sample rates
- Real-time sound compression using Windows Audio Compression
Manager Codecs (Mpeg Layer 3, ADPCM, Microsoft Network Audio, etc.),
compression up to 57 Kb/min is possible with MP3 compression
- Unlimited number of channels

- Timer-controlled starting/stopping of the recording
- Unlimited number of timers
- Timer programming from a remote computer

- Automatic file splitting cutting into segments after reaching a specified file size
- Possibility to set duration of file segment overlapping (helpful where different people take down individual segments)
- Possibility to use date and time within a file name
- Possibility to create several files from one channel (useful where an integral file is wanted for the archives, while 10-minute segments are preferred for stenographic purposes)


- Channel grouping, thus enabling simultaneous recording of all channels of the same group after starting single channel recording (useful where original version and simultaneous interpreting are being recorded)
- All channel settings and timers can be saved to hard disk




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